Academia Bocuse d'Or EspañaBocuse d'Or Europe 2020

All about Albert Boronat i Miró – Spanish candidate for Bocuse d’Or Europe 2020

  • If I wasn’t chef, I would be… Archaeologist
  • I wouldn’t be chef today if… If my first experience in France with 18 years had not been favorable.
  • If I were a smell/scent,  I would be… A dish of ratatouille.
  • If I were a flavour/aroma, I would be… Mustard.
  • Which cocktail sounds more like you? CHARTREUS’ITO, Chartreuse Mojito.
  • If I were a movie (that inspires/motivates me), I would be… La Guerre du feu. Jean Jacques Annaud.
  • Which TV show to relax when you’re not cooking? News.
  • Your childhood meal? Pot au feu.
  • The best restaurant in your heart? Domaine des Andèols.
  • Your favorite person to cook with? My wife.
  • What is your personal and original touch in your meals? The mix of traditions.

Your culinary playlist:

  • The perfect meal for a one-to-one evening? My wife’s favorite food.
  • The ideal meal for a dinner with friends? Iberian ham, bread with tomato and olive oil.
  • The ideal meal to seduce? A rice like a vegetable paella.
  • The ideal meal for an evening after dinner? French omelette.
  • What ingredient would we never find in your fridge? Processed food.
  • Pizza with or without ananas? Without.
  • The strangest thing you have ever eaten? The nuggets.
  • Your biggest mistake in the kitchen? Never having worked at the Hôtel de Ville in Crissier with Benoît Violier.
  • Dead or alive, with who would  you like to have dinner? Nelson Mandela.
  • If we don’t find you in the kitchen, where do we find you? In the library.

About your career

  • Which meeting changed your life (professionally speaking)? May 1997, I met Alain Ducasse in person to ask for a job. A year later I started working in Paris in one of his restaurants and for 10 years.

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